If you want to start brewing your own beer in your own house, that you have to have the right tools and know-how, there are couple of beer brewing methods, that not everyone who decides to brew beer for themselves know about. Which beer brewing method you will chose depends mainly on your skill level, and how much you would be prepared to invest. By reading the following tips you will save a lot of your money and precious time, lets review the most popular beer brewing methods.

1. Extracting

This method give you control over certain aspectets of your beer ‘recipe’ and allows you to add grains of your choice in the whole thing. This extracting methods gives you more choice of experimenting with flavours so you can taste many different types of beer and decide which mix suits your taste, after you have the perfect recipe, now you can share the amazing beer that you just have made with your mates.

2. Kit for beer brewing

Most homebrewers start with kits for beer brewing, because it’s easy and very affordable. Get yourself a kit for beer brewing which includes all the things that you need for brewing your beer from home, the instructions of how to do that are included with the kit, so it’s easy to do it, all the steps are in the manual. It might take around 5 weeks till you can enjoy your brewed beer. The drawback of those kits are that you are quite limited experimenting, also by following the instructions you might not succeed to make a good beer in your first few tries. If you want to make a really good beer brewing it yourself, you must not give up until you succeed, that may take some time, but that’s what sepereated winners from losers.

3.  Brewing – All Grain

All Grain Brewing, is not an easy task, you need the right equipment and certain knowledge that would allow you to control all of the process.
Those are the three main ways for brewing the beer at home, it’s actually not that difficult that some people might think, we home you will have a great success with brewing your own beer at home.